Low Energy Circuit Cable/ Type UF

RoHS Hook-up Wire RoHS Compliant

UF stands for Underground Feeder (electrical cable). UF cable has wires that are completely encased in solid plastic sheath which protects the wire from the other wires and does not allow moisture or orther external elements to travel inside the cable. 

UF is available in solid (18 AWG - 8 AWG) OR stranded ( 6 AWG - 2 AWG), soft annealed copper conductor insulated with PVC. 


UL 493 and UL1581
UL 1493 Type ULECC (#18 AWG–#16 AWG)
UL 493 Type UF (#14 AWG–#8 AWG)
C(UL) Listed: Type TWU 600V (#14 AWG–#8 AWG)
CSA C22.2 #75
Federal Spec. AA-59544
Temperature Rated at 60°C Wet/Dry
Sunlight Resistant, Gasoline and Oil Resistant
Direct Burial


Suitable for use as sprinkler irrigation control wire for general purpose lighting, power, and control conductors for irrigation systems. For use in accordance per NEC Article 340.

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