Anaheim Wire offers a variety of the M81044 hook up wire specification. These single conductor wires are often used in high density cables and harnessing applications due to their size and weight advantages. Offered with tin-coated, silver-coated, nickel-coated copper or copper alloy conductors these wires are insulated with crosslinked polyalkene, crosslinked alksne-imide polymer, or polyarylene. 

M81044 lead wire is generally used in military applications for airframe, avionics, commercial, military vehicle, missile, shipboard and other electronic requirements. 

This Mil-Spec lead wire, can withstand high-temperatures and provide resistance to most common chemicals making it a perfect solution when operating in harsh environments. Provided in light to medium wall styles, the product line is considered flame retardant and self-extinguishing which provides extra protection in unknown conditions. 

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 SPEC SHEET M81044/9