Mil-C-27500 cable is manufactured as a military specification wire and can be single or multi-conductor. This cable may have single or double shields and single or double jackets. 

M27500 Type RC-06 AND M27500 Type RC-09 series feature stranded silver-coated copper conductors, extruded PTFE insulation, and overall silver-coated copper braid shields. Both types are also manufactured in accordance with SAE-AS 22759/11 and are rated to 200°C and 600 volts. 

M27500 Type RC-06: PTFE take jacket

M27500 Type RC-09: Extruded FEP jacket

The M27500 TE-14 and M27500 TG-14 series features stranded tinned copper conductors, extruded ETFE insulation, overall tinned copper braid shields, and extruded ETFE jackets. They are rated to 150°C and 600 volts. Although the jacket materials are the same, the conductors for M27500 Type TE-14 meet SAE-AS 22759/16 specifications, and M27500 Type TG-14 complies with SAE-AS 22759/18


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