TW or THW means, thermoplastic high heat-resistant and water-resistant. Typical uses of TW/THW electrical wire tracer are in control panels, air conditioning equipment, refrigeration equipment, control wiring of machine tools, and automatic washers. This tracer wire is used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications where it is dry and less than 194 F. THW comes in a 30 mil wall and 45 mil wall. 


Color Code Chart
Black: 0 Violet: 7
Brown: 1 Gray: 8
Red: 2 White: 9
Orange: 3 Tan: 10
Yellow: 4 Pink: 11
Green: 5 Light Blue: 12
Blue: 6 Light Green: 14


Anaheim Wire Part Number: 

THW-AWG-COLOR (Stranded)



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