TXL Wire

TXL wire feature extra thin wall cross-linked polyethylene (XLP), and are suited for automotive applications that require minimal weight and size. TXL automotive wire extra thin walls make this wire best for applications where space is limited and a lightweight wire is required. It is rated to SAE J-1128, Ford (M1L-123A) and Chrysler (MS-8288) specifications. Temperature range - TXL primary wire is rated from -40˚C to 125˚C 


Color Code Chart
Black: 0 Violet: 7
Brown: 1 Gray: 8
Red: 2 White: 9
Orange: 3 Tan: 10
Yellow: 4 Pink: 11
Green: 5 Light Blue: 12
Blue: 6 Light Green: 14


Anaheim Wire Part Number:


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